Policies & Docs

Policies & Documents

Provincial Student Attendance and Engagement Policy – January 2018

Student Success Plan

Program Planning Process Guide for Parents
Provincial School Code of Conduct
Plan for Communicating Student Learning 2013-2014
PEBS Matrix
Medical Forms

Changes to IPPs Brochure

Attendance Policy & Forms

Extended School Absence Guidelines Download: Student Extended Absence Form 1) DHS reports daily unexcused absences to parents/guardians via the automated phone messenger. 2) All parents/guardians are provided with confidential access codes to PowerSchool to monitor their child’s attendance record. 3) Students who are absent from class must bring a note from the parent/guardian within three …

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Cell Phone Policy

DHS is committed to the preservation and integrity of the learning environment.  As such, it is expected that all students respect and support the sanctity of the classroom environment. Cell phones must be powered off and must not be visible in classrooms, hallways, and the cafeteria at all times during class blocks 1-2-3-4. This guideline …

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Dress Code

Sharing the responsibility to preserve and respect the integrity of the learning environment, this policy was developed with input from student focus groups, the SAC, and staff. The school community recognizes that students’ attire may reflect their personal style, group identity, or fashion trends. However, it is expected that students maintain dress standards that are …

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Exam Exemptions

A student is eligible for an exam exemption if he/she has: • A full semester enrolment in no fewer than 3 courses • No more than six excused absences in each course. • No unexcused absence in any course. • No more than six lates in each course. • Completion of all assignments, major tests …

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Food Allergy Awareness

Dartmouth High School is a “Peanut Aware” zone. Students, staff and parents are asked to consider the health of others and be aware that for some, any kind of direct contact, including consumption, skin contact, air born scent etc. can pose a serious health risk to others.

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Lockdown Procedure

Experience has shown that roadways need to be kept clear for responding emergency vehicles, and parents and others attempting to drive to the school can slow police and other emergency responders from getting to and securing the area as quickly as possible. Therefore, if you hear that a lockdown is occurring at your child’s school, …

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Lost or Stolen Items

Students who choose to bring valuable items to school do so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of each student to secure and protect their belongings. It is strongly recommended that personal items of value be left at home. Note that the school cannot be responsible for students’ personal belongings and therefore will …

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Parking Policy

All staff members have been issued a DHS parking decal which must be visibly displayed in the windshield of their vehicle. Any vehicle parked in the Victoria Road parking lot without a DHS parking decal is considered unauthorized parking and may be ticketed between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:30pm. During these times, we …

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Scent Policy

Dartmouth High School has a “scent awareness policy” and we ask that students and staff consider the health of others. Certain scented products pose a direct health risk to many individuals in the building and so your cooperation in refraining from the use of scented products is appreciated.

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Tobacco Policy

Tobacco Products are not permitted on or within 4 metres of school property. This could result in enforcement of our Code of Conduct which could lead to a school suspension. If you are a smoker or chewer and you are thinking about stopping or reducing your tobacco use, call the Smokers’ Helpline 1-877-513-5333 for free …

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