Apr 12

Local Bursaries/Scholarships – “GREEN FORM”

Hey there graduates…. the local bursary/scholarship form is now available in Student Services. Fill this form in to be considered for a variety of local bursaries and scholarships decided by the Dartmouth High School Scholarship Committee.

Students should have a minimum overall average of 70%. These awards will be announced at graduation.

Deadline to be returned to Student Services: May 1, 2017 at 3:10pm


What is the “Local Scholarship/Bursary” form?

Every year generous local community organizations, groups, families, etc, advise us of the bursaries and scholarships that they would like to award to graduating Dartmouth High students. These bursaries and scholarships are in varying value from $300 to $1,500 or more. To simplify the process, we have this “Local Bursary/Scholarship Form” so that students can fill out one sheet and be considered for all of the awards.

Please note that these are only the bursaries and/or scholarships who have contacted DHS directly to be a part of this and are not part of individual University or College scholarship programs. You will still need to apply for scholarships through your intended university or college.

How can you apply?

It’s easy! Just come into Student Services and pick up one of the forms that is on the round table. Fill it out completely and return it to us. Once completed, your name will be on our master list and you may be selected through either the DHS Scholarship Committee or through the specific donating group’s committee to receive a bursary or scholarship.

What are the requirements for the bursaries/scholarships?

Each one is different. For instance, one may want the recipient to be a former student of a specific group of elementary or junior high schools, some may want to see your community involvement, or some may wish to see what program you plan to go into in the Fall such as Arts, Commerce, etc.

Does everyone who fills out a form automatically get a bursary or scholarship?

No. Local bursaries and scholarships are in a limited quantity so not everyone can get one, and each one is based on certain criteria.

Who selects the recipients of the bursaries/scholarships?

Either the donating group/organization will have their own committee, or it will be decided through the Dartmouth High scholarship committee.

When will you be notified if you get one?

It depends. Most of the bursaries/scholarships may not notify you until the actual Graduation Day when you cross the stage to get your diploma. Some others may notify you in advance so that you can meet the donating group/organization during a specific event/dinner/etc.

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